Marketing and Sales Management
Outstanding Customer Relationship Management
4 days over 2 weeks (Wednesday & Friday)
Start Date
October 27

Devising and implementing appropriate strategies for customer management and effective communication will result in the creation of value for customers, achievement of a company’s strategic goals, and competitive advantage in the marketplace. The course is structured to provide participants with the essential tools for not only achieving breakthrough service, but also laying the foundations of an innovative, dynamic work culture tailored to the exacting needs and demands of the clientele. The focus is on managing customer expectation, delighting the customer, effective relationship management and understanding the barriers to the delivery of outstanding customer service. Participants will learn to deliver effective customer service and result-based marketing efforts serving customers well and also achieving better results from their marketing efforts. The key to sustainable success for any operator in the industry is the quality and consistency of its service, as and an understanding of the customer. To improve customer service

  • Inculcate service culture and deliver superior level of performance
  • Understand how to delight a customer
  • Provide insight into customer behavior 
  • Create lasting customer satisfaction and return business
  • Convert satisfied customers into loyal customers and advocates of the company


Programme curriculum

  • Customer Management: Tools for effective relationship management.
  • Creating Your Customer Service Strategy: Managing Complaints and Feedback: Best practices worldwide. 
  • Identifying Service Gaps – Service Assessment and Service Standardisation
  • Handling objections and complaints
  • Monitoring of complaints and compliments
  • Action guides for solving problems and taking corrective action
  • Monitoring Customer Satisfaction and Reputation Management in the digital age


Key Learning Outcomes

The programme will strengthen your capacity to:

  • improve your performance on customer service delivery
  • deliver superior customer service leading to customer delight
  • improve team work and synergy within various departments
  • achieve competitive advantage in the market where you operate
  •  satisfy internal and external customers
  • become more productive and increase job satisfaction


Target Audience

This programme will benefit;

Individuals from medium-sized businesses, NGOs and large corporates who have customer-facing functions with at least two years’ experience in a customer service role, serving end consumers and retailers and desire to:

  • Customer service executives
  • Customer service supervisors
  • Call center operators
  • Relationship managers
  • Front desk executives
  • Tele-marketers


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