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Remodeling Sales Organisation for Enhanced Productivity
3 weeks
Start Date
November 2 - 21
N180, 000

Organisations are facing a distorted and rapidly changing marketplace – competitive scenario, customers, socioeconomics. COVID-19 has exacerbated this.

Many are approaching the situation with the same traditional transactional selling models, while some are quickly transforming their approach, in both instances, the result has remained mixed and generally underwhelming.

This programme will provide the tools and concepts for organisations and Sales professionals to rethink their selling models to ensure continued relevance and enhance the productivity of Selling investments.

Key Learning Objectives/ Benefits

After the programme, you will be able to:

  • Assess the agility of your Selling Strategy and understand changing customer behaviour and disruptions to operations
  • Review and Remodel your organisation’s Route to Market e.g. Assess, strengthen existing and find new, relevant channels – E-commerce
  • Appreciate ways to enhance the productivity of your sales organisation
  • Understand and apply sales and relationship-enhancing behaviour

Programme Outline

Module 1: Week 1 – Day 1. (Tuesday)

  • Video Lecture: Is our Selling Strategy Agile? Changes in customer behaviour vs Sales and organisational strategy

Module 2: week 1 – Day 2. (Friday)

  • Video Lecture: Remodeling Our Route to Market – Reviewing/Rebuilding existing RTM model; New Opportunities, Building E-commerce route.
  • Discussion topic: Steps to review and rebuild company Route to market.
  • Articles /readings (These will include materials that help to facilitate the discussion topic and module topic)
  • End of module quiz 

Module 3: week 2 – Day 3 (Tuesday)

  • Video Lecture: Enhancing Sales Staff Productivity; The (Lean) Selling Organisation Productivity based reward systems
  • Video and group discussion
  • Exercise: Pre-lecture case study.
  • End of module quiz 
  • Capstone Project: This assesses the agility of your organisation’s Route to Market and Redesign it to enhance relevance, productivity and profitability. To be submitted on the closing day.

Module 4: Week 2 – Day 4 (Friday) 

  • Video Lecture: Positive Behaviour in Sales Practice; Ethical Conduct in Sales; Emotional Intelligence 

Module 5: Week 3 – Day 5 (Tuesday)

  • Video Lecture: Sales and Organisational Profitability; Sales Forecasting, Receivables, Cash flow/Working Capital Management
  • Submission of Capstone Project

Module 6: Week 3 – Day 6 (Friday)

  • Commercialising New Products and Services/Taking Existing Offerings to New Consumer Groups and Geographies
  • Distribution of certificates
  • Feedback on Capstone Project

Module 7:Video – Closing Lecture – programme summary of learning

Target Audience

The programme is designed to benefit:

  • Organisations in products and services industries with a large Sales organisation
  • Mid to top-level Sales professionals in B2C and B2B 
  • SME business owners who desire to understand how to build a professional Selling structure.
  • Employees in Sales with high potential for managerial and leadership roles



  • Chidi Okoro
  • Vanessa Burgal 

Guest speakers: external facilitators from the industry

A very rich and rewarding experience comparable to the best practices. A rich program both in theory and in case studies. Very high level faculty with relevant industry experience.”

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