Sector Specific
Mastering Public Private Partnership Processes
4 Days
Start Date
April 23
N340, 000

It has been variously documented that the gap between infrastructure needs and availability will keep widening in the coming years especially with Nigeria’s increasing population, rapid urbanization, and competing demands for public resources. It is also recognized that this infrastructure gap cannot be filled without private and non-traditional funding sources. This certainly makes the poignant case for Public Private Partnerships (PPPs). This seminar initiative is borne out of the recognition of the enormous challenge posed by the infrastructure inadequacy in Nigeria, government’s budgetary and financial constraints to meeting the gap, the urgency to seek out feasible solutions involving the private sector and the need to understand the mechanics of such PPP structuring.

Key Learning Outcomes

  • A sophisticated understanding of the mechanics of PPP processes in an emerging economy context
  • Practical understanding of the essential tools of PPP VfM and PSC analysis
  • Understand and evaluate mechanisms for successful PPP design and implementation
  • Understand the different modules in financial appraisal and evaluation of PPP projects
  • Apply techniques of project appraisal and risk assessment
  • Demonstrate basic skills of financial modelling and risk quantification
  • Understand PPP financing mechanisms, credit enhancements and risk guarantees
  • Appreciate various sources of PPP financing support, financial structuring and procedures
  • Network with leading PPP policy makers, transaction advisors, PPP project managers and key stakeholders

Programme Curriculum

  • Preliminary Assessment
  • Project specification and PPP model selection
  • Transaction Strategy and design
  • Tendering and bidding process
  • Technical and economic analysis
  • Financial appraisal risk assessment and financing structures
  • Analysis of the legal and regulatory framework
  • Credit enhancement techniques and financial guarantees

Target Audience

This programme will benefit:

  • Chairmen, Directors, Commissioners and Managers of public parastatals currently involved or intending to engage in PPPs
  • Chairmen, Directors and Managers of private companies who are intending or are currently engaged in PPPs



  • Dr. Bongo Adi
  • Mr. Opiuyo Oforiokuma
  • Ayuli Jemide
  • Patrick Mgbenwelu
  • Mr. Fola Fagbule

A very rich and rewarding experience comparable to the best practices. A rich program both in theory and in case studies. Very high level faculty with relevant industry experience.”

Upcoming Sessions

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