General Management Programme
Managing People for Strategic Advantage
6 days over 3 weeks (Tuesday & Thursday)
Start Date
August 24

In today’s complex business environment characterised by pervasive economic uncertainty, organisations are constantly seeking to develop and execute a winning strategy. Most forward-looking organisations, realising that distinctive human resources are critical in orchestrating a winning performance, now place more attention on aligning their human resource function with their strategic business objectives. Recent research suggests, however, that line managers remain a vital but often weak link in the alignment process, as they are ill-equipped to effectively manage the implementation of human resource aspects of business strategy.

This intensive three-day programme begins with an exploration of several fundamental aspects of managing and leading people. Participants will complete a Myers-Briggs (MBTI) assessment to understand their leadership types, and how to leverage their style to get results through others and make better managerial decisions. They will also gain an appreciation of key ethical issues in the employment relationship, and how to effectively handle them, among others.

Key Learning Objectives/ Benefits

On this programme, you will:

  • Gain practical concepts and frameworks that will help to align your people management practices with your firm’s competitive strategy.  
  • Understand how to implement change and drive business performance by achieving outstanding results through people. 


Programme Curriculum

Fundamentals of Strategic People Management

  • Managing and Leading Oneself
  • Understanding and Influencing Human Behaviour in Organisations
  • Handling Ethical Challenges in People Management
  • Dealing With Conflict High-Performance Work Practices and Frameworks
  • Aligning Individual Performance with Organisational Goals
  • Conducting Effective Performance Evaluations
  • Developing and Engaging Talent for Peak Performance
  • Driving Performance through Compensation

Leadership and Strategic Impact

  • Managing Workplace Conflicts and Negotiations
  • Leading People through Culture Change
  • Action Planning: Refining Your Management Style

Target Audience

This programme is beneficial to line managers, technical specialists and other professionals in private and public sector organisations, who want to enhance the performance of their people 



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