Operations and Management Information System
Logistics & Supply Chain Management
6 days over 3 weeks (Tuesday & Wednesday)
Start Date
October 20

Logistics and supply chain management has been described as the planning and coordination of the activities necessary to achieve desired levels of service at the lowest possible cost. The seminar explores key managerial tasks that should be coordinated and controlled to achieve  efficient and effective logistics and supply chain organisations.  It focuses on helping participants gain new insights into the application of tools and how this can transform their competitive position.

Key Learning Outcome

Participants on this programme will acquire and internalise the skills and tools necessary to efficiently and effectively manage their organisation’s logistics and supply chain especially during difficult times.

Programme Curriculum

  • Understanding international logistics and supply chain concepts
  • Logistics customer service management
  • Developing logistics philosophy and planning
  • Procurement of goods and services within the supply chain
  • Legal issues in logistics
  • Ethical issues in logistics
  • Exploring the applications of the contracts of trade
  • Category management within the context of domestic procurement.
  • Inventory management
  • What are inventories?
  • Inventory roles in the supply chain
  • Warehouse concepts and application
  • Supply chain simulation and financial issues
  • The beer game
  • Lesson from the game
  • Transportation/Haulage of goods
  • Financial considerations
  • IT application of people issue
  • IT applications to logistics /SC
  • People make logistics happens
  • Performance management

Target Audience

This programme will benefit:

  • Logistics and supply chain managers, material management managers and those who are relatively new to the profession. Also, the programme will cater to those in public sector logistics.


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