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Happiness and Productivity
2 days
Start Date
October 4, 2021
N100, 000

Studies show that happy workplaces encourage productivity by over 31%, increase retention by 44%, grow the bottom line and sales by 37%, and enable greater innovation by over 300% (Seligman, 2002). Likewise, a 2015 study on happiness cultures in workplaces found that when employees are motivated by curiosity in work, rather than out of fear or obligation, they were bound to feel more satisfied about their accomplishments and the work that they do. 

Researchers at the Greater Good Center, University of California, Berkeley, find that happiness at work can be measured, and also, enhanced by a P.E.R.K. framework (Purpose-Engagement-Resilience-Kindness). It is through this practical, step-by-step guide for growing happiness culture that this webinar hopes to teach techniques for changing perceptions towards work, and in so doing, optimise employee work effectiveness. Especially in this time that tensions are high, it is important that employees know how to maintain peace of mind and happiness, so as not to affect the quality of their output.


Programme Curriculum

  • Why happiness at work?
  • The P.E.R.K. framework: How to become happier at work
  • Mindfulness at work: Chasing away unhealthy stress and negativity
  • Self Mastery and Growing your emotional intelligence
  • Enhancing your productivity
  • Developing a concrete action plan


Key Learning Outcomes

 After the programme, you will:

  • Learn to enhance and cultivate a happier work spirit
  • Become more productive at work, and enable a better work culture at your organisation
  • Gain insight into handling gloominess at work, and lack of productivity
  • Learn to harness your strengths for perk performance





Target Audience

The programme is designed to benefit:

  • Organisations looking to train their staff to be more purposeful, engaged, resilient and happy, so as to increase productivity levels Individuals/professionals who want to make greater meaning of the work that they do and find contentment therein for an enhanced performance and career. 
  •  Individuals who desire a platform for networking and growth



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