5 Days
Start Date
August 24, 2020
N455, 000

This is a detailed financial modeling programme that seeks to equip participants with practical knowledge and skills in modeling financial statements, enterprise valuation, M & A (Accretion/Dilution) using DCF enabled by Excel. With a hand-holding approach, participants will build models from the scratch. This will be achieved with real case studies, industry best practices and sensitivity analyses.

Key Learning Objectives/ Benefits

  • Knowledge of Microsoft Excel used in financial modeling
  • Knowledge and skills in modeling financial statement, business and enterprise valuation, and Merger & Acquisition (Accretion/Dilution)
  • Learning of the conceptual underpinnings of the valuation framework followed by step-by-step training for building a professional, robust discounted cash flow (DCF) model in Excel from scratch, using real case studies, industry best practices, and sensitivity analysis
  • Building of a merger model in Excel to reflect the pro forma impact of various acquisition scenarios.


Programme Curriculum

  • Financial Modeling with Excel – General Session
  • Basic Modeling Practice (Work in Teams – Caselets/Exercises)
  • Gathering historical documents/information for Financial Statement Modeling
  • Financial Statement Modeling – Income Statement
  • Financial Statement Modeling – Balance Sheet
  • Financial Statement Modeling – Cash Flow Statement
  • Financial Statement Modeling – Exercises with Caselets
  • Introduction to Financial Modeling & Application to Enterprise Valuation
  • How to Build A DCF-Based Enterprise Valuation Using Financial Modeling
  • Work in Teams – Hands on Exercise to Build Enterprise Valuation Using Financial Modeling
  • Financial Modeling Review and Applications in Corporate Finance.
  • Defining the Modeling Problem and Parameter
  • Building the Model : A Private Equity Valuation Approach
  • Building the Model (II): A Private Equity Valuation Approach
  • Best Practice in Model Design and Construction: A Modular Approach: (Merger and Acquisition: Accretion / Dilution Model) I


Target Audience

  • The program is designed to benefit Investment Bankers, Equity Research Associates, Business Development Analysts, Asset & Hedge Fund Managers, MBAs, Accounting/Treasury/Corporate
  • Finance Professionals and anyone seeking to improve their financial and valuation modeling skill set.



  • Professor Akintola Owolabi
  • Kayode Omoregie
  • Dr A. L. Buhari

A very rich and rewarding experience comparable to the best practices. A rich program both in theory and in case studies. Very high level faculty with relevant industry experience.”

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July 15 – 19

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