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November 1

Globalisation, economic uncertainty, stiff competition and the general complexities of today’s business are compelling CEOs to depend on inter-disciplinary diversity-based strategic thinking for organisational success. Consequently, teamwork has become an indispensable organisational tool for developing and managing strategies required to successfully tackle today’s global challenges. Teaming behaviours exhibited at the executive level dictates the level of teamwork for the rest of the organisation as the C-suite leads teamwork mental model development. This seminar is designed to impart the critical skills required to build and lead an effective and efficient executive team and to replicate this model of teamwork down and across the organisational pyramid.

Key Learning Objectives/ Benefits

On this programme, you will:

  • Learn concepts and frameworks that will help to align and integrate their organisation’s teamwork practices with competitive strategy  
  • Be able to translate, align, and integrate your  firm’s competitive, customer, and shareholder requirements into organisation-wide teamwork practices
  • Read and interpret environmental indicators and adapt to environmental changes

Programme Curriculum

  • The dynamics of C-Suite teams 
  • Fundamentals of good leadership
  • Visioning and goal-setting
  • C-Suite etiquette
  • Curbing functional and cultural myopia
  • Managing emotions and egos
  • The language of leadership
  • Building a culture of developmental relationships
  • Leading virtual teams
  • Cultural intelligence
  • Teamwork in a challenging economic environment
  • Managing with power and influence
  • Curbing negative political behaviour
Target Audience
  • This programme will benefit CEOs and direct reports to CEOs of large and mid-sized organisations experiencing a growth surge. 
  • It is highly recommended that CEOs attend with their reports to create an  initial bonding that will be continued on after the seminar.



  • Uche Attoh 
  • Solomon Avbioroko
  • Dr Eugene Ohu
  • Rose Ogbechie

A very rich and rewarding experience comparable to the best practices. A rich program both in theory and in case studies. Very high level faculty with relevant industry experience.”

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