General Management Programme
Driving Business Success in Turbulent Times
5 Days
Start Date
November 15, 2021
Lagos: Physical session

In light of the recent socio-economic challenges facing Nigeria, businesses and business leaders in different sectors of the economy are  under pressure to deliver shareholder value, business sustainability and drive organisational growth. The resultant effect of this is that financial targets were missed and some organisations were unable to pay up debt leading to more difficult  times. 

It has become necessary for  business leaders to reappraise parameters that  define business success. This seminar is designed to enable business leaders to have a better perspective and expectation of the economy in 2021 and empower them to position their organisations for business growth and sustainability

Programme Curriculum

  • Economic outlook and business implication
  • Strategies for growth
  • Leveraging on technology
  • Managing change
  • Building execution capacity
  • Key stakeholder engagement
  • Guest speaker sessions

Key Learning Outcomes

Participants will learn to:

  •  Spot opportunities and threats their businesses face
  • Make informed strategic decisions based on data and insights on the economy
  • Review business models and mode of operation in light of the environmental realities
  • Revisit corporate culture and its adequacy in light of the prevailing business environment
  • Create more value for customers and initiate short- and long-term strategies for winning
  • Become more competitive and strategic in situations of volatility, uncertainty and complexity



Target Audience

This programme will benefit:

  • Chief Executive Officers
  • Executive Directors
  • Top Business Leaders​


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