Marketing and Sales Management
Digital Marketing – Strategies for Winning in the Digital Age
3 weeks
Start Date
November 23

To stay ahead in the digital marketing space, the modern marketer needs to understand key strategies in digital marketing. Meeting the rapid demands of today’s world requires an understanding of key trends and processes in the digital age. A multi-channel online strategy is an integral part of the overall strategy of an organisation. This course will provide practical real-world insight into how leading organisations succeed. 

We will teach proven techniques and strategies, social media tools and technologies, for the management and measurement of digital success. We will address some key questions:  How can your brand sell through digital networks? How can social media help you succeed? How can you manage effectively in today’s digital world? How does online marketing strategy integrate with the traditional marketing mix concept of the four Ps (product, place, price and promotion)? 

At the end of the 3-weeks, participants will be able to develop a framework for implementing a holistic and sustainable digital marketing strategy for winning in today’s business world. A sample communication plan document will be reviewed for benchmark purposes.

Key Learning Objectives/ Benefits

The programme will strengthen your capacity to:

  • Assess your organisation’s digital marketing strategy
  • Understand social media trends
  • Understand competitor strengths and weaknesses
  • Use social media to improve marketing, branding and new product development 
  • Identify shifts in the technology, particularly in the digital age
  • Identify areas of improvement
  • Design, implement and execute your organisation’s integrated marketing communication plan
  • Understand digital marketing programme development and implementation

Programme Curriculum

Value Creation: Marketing to the Digital Customer

  • Understand the digital business environment
  • Assess how the industry will change in the future and create an agenda for leading change
  • Devise and implement breakthrough strategies in digital marketing
  • Segmenting, Customising and Targeting messages
  • Understanding Data Analytics
  • The Digital Customer: Targeting Options

Social media: best practices and examples

  • Solving Business Challenges with Social Media
  • Online Brand Attack: Recovery Strategies
  • Product positioning as the foundation for developing the marketing mix
  • Standardization versus customization: the world of one-to-one marketing

Revitalizing Your Digital Business

  • Designing a Digital Marketing Program
  • Assessing the Success of your digital program
  • Integrated Marketing Communication
  • Marketing communications planning: budget and the media mix
  • Positioning the Internet as an effective online sales tool

Hands-on (practical) presentation on Digital Leadership

  • Interactive Exercises (digital audits, development of an internal engagement plan, developing digital campaigns, assessing digital campaigns, competitor analysis and benchmarking, developing a risk mitigation plan, developing a service recovery plan to address voice of the customer issues, among others.) 
  • Scenario creation
  • Group/team projects 
  • Presentations
  • Identification of quick wins
  • Next step recommendations – putting lessons learnt to practice
  • Post-programme assignment 

Target Audience

This programme will benefit:

  • Mid-level and senior managers in medium-sized businesses and large corporates with sales, marketing, or commercial responsibilities. Participants generally have at least three years of work experience in marketing or other fields that serves end-consumers,  retailers, and other stakeholders, and:
    • Want to understand key trends in the digital business space
    • Develop their market strategies to compete in the changing business landscape
    • Have the ambition to deliver a superior level of performance
    • Are eager to work intensively with other savvy professionals attending the programme



  • Dr Ogechi Adeola
  • Dr Anderson Uvie-Emegbo
  • Ogbo Awoke Ogbo

A very rich and rewarding experience comparable to the best practices. A rich program both in theory and in case studies. Very high level faculty with relevant industry experience.”

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