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Design Thinking for Business Growth
3 weeks
Start Date
November 30, 2021 (Every Tuesdays & Fridays)

Design Thinking is an approach used for practical and creative problem-solving. It has evolved from a range of different fields — visual design, software design, product development, architecture, engineering and business.  

Design Thinking can be applied to any field and also, to products and services. Design Thinking is extremely user-centric. It focuses on humans first by seeking to understand people’s needs and come up with effective solutions to meet those needs. It is called a solution-based approach to problem-solving or human-centric design. The Four Principles of Design Thinking

The human rule: No matter what the context, all design activity is social in nature, and any social innovation will bring us back to the “human-centric point of view”.

The ambiguity rule: Ambiguity is inevitable, and it cannot be removed or oversimplified. Experimenting at the limits of your knowledge and ability is crucial in being able to see things differently.

The redesign rule: All design is redesign. While technology and social circumstances may change and evolve, basic human needs remain unchanged. We essentially only redesign the means of fulfilling these needs or reaching desired outcomes.

The tangibility rule: Making ideas tangible in the form of prototypes enables designers to communicate them more effectively.


Programme curriculum

  • Introduction to Design Thinking 
  • Building Empathy for the User of products or services 
  • Defining the Problem
  • Ideation Part 1: Generate Ideas & Potential Solutions
  • Ideation Part 2: User Journey Mapping 
  • Prototype and Test Ideas 


Key Learning Outcomes

After the programme, you will be able to:

  • Design and re-design your services and product delivery capabilities 
  • Use design thinking skills to solve multiple problems at your  firm
  • Gain confidence in problem-solving techniques


Target Audience

  • Sales and marketing personnel involved in creating solutions for their customers.
  • Advertising practitioners with the desire to create effective and unique solutions for their clients.
  • Product and service development personnel of manufacturing and services firms.
  • Business development managers and owners


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