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Building a Resilient and Fulfilling Career
3 days
Start Date
September 28, 2021

Katherine Bull (2014) stated,  “The best way to prepare for future career changes and developments is to remain active in your career planning. By regularly researching the job market and careers, you will be better prepared for your next move”. COVID-19 has exposed the level of variability and uncertainty associated with a career in some industries. Individuals need to understand how to plan their career for the long-term, bearing in mind the high level of involuntary employee turnover in many industries in Nigeria. 

Most of these organisations are categorised as 24-hour cash flow companies who do not have the financial muzzle to weather challenges in revenue without looking at employee reduction. Employees also do not understand the concept of career cycle and what to emphasise in each cycle of their career. The result is that employees do not gain the requisite skills they would need in and out of a job, and do not make adequate financial preparation to make meaningful decisions about their future career. 

This course will provide tools and techniques to work through various career cycles to remain relevant in one’s career. It is also useful to those who want to prepare for when they are faced with unexpected career changes. 


Key Learning Objectives/ Benefits

At the end of the programme, participants will:

  •  Define career success 
  • Manage time and avoid work-life conflict
  • Understand career cycles and what to emphasis in each cycle
  • Remain emotionally resilient in the face of serious career challenges and changes in an increasingly uncertain workplace


Programme Curriculum

  • What is success? The power of purpose  
  • Starting early
  • Being prepared: Knowing the demands of different career cycles & building the right financial habits
  • Developing good work habits, e.g time management
  • Emotional and Social intelligence
  • Ensuring work-life balance (The Wheel of Life)

Target Audience

This programme is designed to benefit: 

  • Business owners who want to understand what employees think in uncertain times
  • Professionals who want to build their skills to understand long-term career planning that spans the whole career cycle
  • Employees who work in industries with high involuntary turnover



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