6 days over 3 weeks (Tuesday & Friday)
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August 17
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The volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous business environment presents unique challenges for organisations that want to ensure longevity. Today, the preeminent factor in ensuring long-term business survival is leadership: decisive, accountable and strategic leadership. People with the ability to create and sustain engaging business climates for harnessing the thoughts and ideas of others, to navigate the demanding and erratic business environments in the short and long term.

The Authentic Leadership seminar is a proven and practical approach to  developing skills to improve climate and sustainability drive through performance. As people go higher in organisations and take on more responsibilities, their dependence on others to achieve increases exponentially. They come under more pressure in their work relationships as they need to make more complex decisions. They may have the technical and analytical skills required, but it is the skills for harnessing the thoughts and ideas of people and building effective relationships that challenge them. This is where leadership comes in.

This programme is not about describing what it takes to be a great leader but about crucial, practical, unique steps each participant should take to get there. Each participant is given their own specific steps to actualise their unique leadership style in a 24-week support programme that presents unique leadership pathways to the different individuals on the programme according to their needs. It provides participants with the mindset and skill set to continue to strengthen their leadership backbone to ensure that it is kept firm, to avoid drooping as they grow in their career.


Key Learning Outcomes

On this programme, you will:

  • Learn leadership behaviours that eventually become effective habits as well as skills that set you apart from people who can only describe such behaviour and skills
  • Become someone who is able to influence others, inspire them to release discretionary effort, and support them to become the best they can be while performing at their utmost
  • Understand your own behaviour better as well as your underlying predisposition and how to moderate their your behaviours in order to be effective with other people – managers, peers, subordinates, customers and clients as well as other internal and external stakeholders
  • Be aware of how your behaviour contributes to shaping your work climate and how this affects your own as well as other people’s effectiveness and how to drive up the quality of engagement in their team


Target Audience

Middle-level managers, senior managers and executive leaders in public, private and non-governmental organisations.


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