Marketing and Sales Management
Analytics for Better Marketing Decisions
4 days over 2 weeks (Tuesday & Thursday)
Start Date
August 10
Online Live Session

In the current marketing environment, the greatest opportunity lies in analytics-enabled marketing. Today’s marketing managers are expected to use data to make better marketing decisions from promotion strategy to campaign optimisation and pricing improvements. To generate actionable insight, they rely on a vast array of tools and technologies from providers and agencies. Navigating these choices can be daunting due to the sheer breadth of available options and a lack of transparency about how insights are generated in today’s data-driven culture. 

This programme will help you navigate the culture by providing you with data sources, technology, analytic frameworks and tools to guide you in your marketing decision-making process. You will be able to increase your ROI and give your company a competitive edge.


Programme curriculum

  • The Marketing Analytics Framework
  • Framework for Pricing Marketing Strategy
  • Managing the Customer-centric Organisation and Planning Tools and Techniques
  • Forecasting Methods Strategies and Translating Insights into Marketing Strategy
  • Driving Organisational Growth Through Business Innovation
  • How to Make Better Decisions and Measure ROI
  • Methods for Predicting Prospective Customer Behavior and Managing Customer Agitation
  • Strategies for Growing Your Customer Base and Managing Customer Value
  • Creating a Market-Oriented Company
  • Creating and Building Business Brands
  • Competitive and Market Analysis 
  • Ethical Issues in Data Collection & Governance


Key Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of this programme, participants will:

  • Gain foundational understanding of analytics that drive business outcomes and marketing return on investment
  • Understand the marketing decision process and frameworks for segmenting your business market
  • Improve B2B marketing strategy analytical skills
  • Learn customer value models tailored to their marketplace
  • Understand and appreciate how analytics can improve managerial decisions
  • Develop an analytical framework for evaluating marketing strategies focusing on value creation, product position, customer analysis, sales force management and pricing

Target Audience

This programme will benefit:

  • Mid-level managers at large and mid-sized companies who are responsible for connecting marketing analytic insights and business actions 
  • Executives and entrepreneurs from organisations tasked with making data-driven marketing decisions 
  • Product management, brand management, sales and strategic professionals


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