Accounting, Finance and Economics
Accounting and Finance for Non-Finance Managers
10 days over 5 weeks (Monday & Friday)
Start Date
May 4
Online Live Session

Every senior executive and manager requires the skills necessary to make informed financial decisions to deliver value in their organisations. This programme focuses on the responsibilities of the non-finance and non-accounting senior executive for finance and financial accounting, reporting and analysis including cost reports and information, cost analysis and cost management. The format of this one-week programme has been designed recognising the participant’s busy schedule, especially for those attending from out of Lagos. The participant also learns without group or peer pressure, as all participants (peers occupying similar positions in their companies) have no prior knowledge or skill in accounting, costing or finance. A small class size is maintained to ensure close faculty attention and foster individual learning.


Key Learning Objectives

Through this course, participants will gain knowledge and skills to read, understand, and prepare and use financial statements and other financial information and reports, both for reporting to investors and for internal use by executives in management decision making, planning, controlling and evaluating the business performance.


Programme Curriculum

  • Introduction to and foundations of financial accounting
  • Corporate financial accounting and financial reporting
  • Business and financial statement reporting and analysis
  • Introduction to and foundations of cost and management accounting 
  • Strategic revenue and cost management: cost and revenue analysis & management 
  • Budgeting, financial planning and control 
  • Corporate Financial Management
  • Working Capital Financial Management
  • Treasury Financial Management

Target Audience

This program is designed to benefit:

Senior executives, company directors, owner-managers, senior executives/managers, and other professionals without accounting and finance knowledge or skills, who need to make informed use of corporate financial statements and managerial accounting reports or information as well as business finance decisions.



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