Welcome Message
Uchenna Uzo, PhD

MBA Director

On behalf of Lagos Business School (LBS), I would like to congratulate you for taking the first step towards becoming part of the institution. This web site is rich with information to help you in your decision-making process whether to attend LBS.

Lagos Business School is a unique institution; it is highly ranked among its peers in Nigeria and worldwide. Due to the quality of its programmes, the institution has consistently been rated highly by the Financial Times publication. We offer a world class business management education that will provide you the knowledge, tools and experience to handle the intricacies of the current and future business environments.

Every year LBS welcomes several new participants into our MBA, EMBA , and other business management programmes. Making a choice to attend a graduate programme in any school is not an easy one. While LBS is not the only business management education institution in Nigeria, we are proud of our programmes , the faculty and administrators responsible for delivering the programmes, and the collegial atmosphere the institution has created to enable desired learning outcomes. LBS attracts the best and the brightest faculty members, who impart knowledge and conduct research, to make sure the institution is at the cutting edge of management education and business practice. LBS also partners with other international institutions, such as IESE Business School, to broaden participants’ exposure to faculty and students around the world.

The institutional focus is on providing a business management education based on Christian values with the aim of impacting the professional and ethical standards of business practice in Nigeria. The curriculum ensures exposure to core management principles, and electives are offered to tailor your learning to your personal interests and career goals. While all course instructions are anchored on the Harvard case-study method of teaching, LBS has gone a step further by developing local case studies that hone in on problems faced by companies within emerging markets. The case studies provide a robust sampling of potential business problems a manager would encounter in business management practice. For MBA participants, the institution provides further industry immersion opportunities with participants spending three months in the internship programme, providing professional services in a local or multinational company. The experience creates a convergence of theory and practice. EMBA participants are exposed to one week of educational activities in Spain.

Is the LBS MBA or EMBA for you? Absolutely! Graduation from these programmes will enhance your business management knowledge, interpersonal skills, and ethical reasoning thus putting you ahead of your peers in all spheres. Our graduates also join a community of professionals (LBS Alumni) which provides a forum for networking throughout your career.

Well, first things first, you have to take that step to join us at LBS. The LBS family is waiting to receive you and we promise a unique learning experience that will transform your professional career. Welcome to LBS!