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Giving to LBS
LBS develops problem-solvers, leadership skills and instills strong ethical values. Therefore, giving to LBS is a strategic contribution to the development of a better crop of future leaders and an investment in the creation of a better tomorrow.

Giving by Alumni

As alumni, your gift pays tribute to your experience at LBS. It is personal and reflects your philanthropic priorities and what you value most.

Giving Options


Tuition and endowment earnings cannot fund the School's ongoing operating expenses in full. Therefore, annual gifts are invaluable because they bridge the gap between the actual cost of educating a student, the income generated from tuition and the endowment. Funds raised in this manner have an immediate impact on the education of our current students.

LBS carefully manages the class size and faculty-to-student ratio of its MBA programme. This limits the tuition revenue generated. Alumni support through annual giving, which runs from October to June each year, will go a long way in ensuring students receive a world-class MBA education. A secure pledge or gift can be made online at Pledges must be redeemed by June 30.

Why should I contribute to the LBS Annual Fund Campaign?

·  All gifts to LAC are unrestricted. Giving to LAC provides LBS the flexibility to channel money where it is most needed to ensure excellence in LBS' educational         programme

·  The strong LAC participation rate sends a clear message to applicants that becoming part of the LBS family is a unique opportunity with a lifetime of benefits

·  Your gift helps LBS continue to attract the best talent in teaching and research. Even in challenging economic times, the cost of attracting and retaining world-class    faculty continues to increase due to competition from top schools and private industry

·  LBS' operating budget is largely supported by alumni giving


Volunteer Roles

The efforts of volunteers coupled with the generosity of our alumni are invaluable to the success of our fundraising efforts.

·  LAC Executive Committee will spearhead the effort to provide counsel on overall strategy for LAC each year (By invitation only)

·  LAC Head Agents (or Co-Head Agents) coordinate LAC Assistant Head Agents to contact classmates and encourage them to give back to LAC

·  LAC Corporate Agents focus on achieving 100 percent giving participation to LAC among LBS alumni within their companies or firms

·  LAC International Agents from countries around the world encourage LAC living outside Nigeria to keep LBS among their philanthropic priorities every year

If you wish to volunteer as an LAC Agent, Corporate Agent, International Agent or have questions about accessing the volunteer site, please contact:


LBS Annual Giving; Ways To Give:



This is a global reunion for all LBS alumni held on the last Friday/Saturday in September once in five years. Alumni are invited back to campus for a Reunion Weekend and Tour. They celebrate and reflect upon what LBS' education, experience and friendships mean and catch up with classmates. They educate themselves on any number of LBS Alumni Lifelong Learning sessions with LBS faculty.


For details on transferring securities or interests in securities or assets, please contact The Advancement Office, Lagos Business School, Tel +234-8025014623, 08058097448 or email with the donor name, name of the stock, number of shares of stock, approximate naira value of the stock, and name of donor's brokerage firm. Remember to indicate that your contribution is intended for LBS ANNUAL GIVING.


Km 22, Lekki Epe Expressway

Ajah, Lagos

Tel: +234-(0)-8058097448, +234-(0)-8058048473 +234-(0)-8058058091, +234-(0)-8025014623



Gifts to LAC are unrestricted gifts. Thus, they give the School flexibility in the application of funds, making its programmes affordable for a good number of qualified students. LBS cannot rely solely on endowment to fully fund its core programmes. Therefore, unrestricted gifts reduce the School's dependency on tuition revenue while providing vital resources that positively impact students in the School.

LAC Giving Levels

Grand Circle: N25,000,000 or more

Level 1 Society: N10,000,000 and N24,999,999

Level 2 Society:  N1,000,000 or N9,999,999

Level 3 Society: N500,000 to N999,999

Investor: N250,000 to N499,000

Sponsor: N100,000 to N249,999

Dean's Circle: N500,000 to N99,999

LBS Major Gifts (including Endowment Funds)

These are usually Capital gifts that support new educational and research initiatives, opportunities for our students and improvements to our facilities. These donations help us achieve our objectives and sustain us far into the future.

Endowed funds represent the longest horizon of philanthropy and may provide scholarships for students of particular character and accomplishment. They offer continuing funding for some of our programmes and provide valuable educational resources.

To recognise generosity and enduring support, LBS offers donors the opportunity to make gifts in their names, or honour/memorialise a person of their choosing. These opportunities are not limited by specific campaigns nor confined to a set list of prepared options. Donors of major gifts are encouraged to direct their support toward an area that matches their personal interests with the needs and priorities of the School. Creativity is a welcome development in this regard.

Corporate Giving

LBS has been generously supported by organisations over the years with gifts directed towards specific academic and research objectives, facilities and student scholarship support, to mention a few. As Corporate Partners, companies can participate in the life of our School, including increased interaction with faculty and students.

Planned Giving

Bequests to LBS and other planned giving options ensure the security of the donor's family is not compromised while considering a gift to the School. There are several forms of gifts in this category which can be altered as circumstances change. In recognition of your planned gift, you will be invited to join the LBS Hall Society.​

At the end of the day, the decision to give is a personal one but we encourage you to consider one of the options enumerated above, as well as discuss other giving opportunities with a member of our Advancement Team.



LBS Annual Giving                                                                                                 



LBS Major Gift


Olamide Ibitoye

Director, Advancement

Tel: +234 8172041560


How To Give

Gifts by Credit Card

LBS Annual Giving gifts may be contributed online at our secure site

Gifts by Cheque

Gifts for LBS Annual Giving and other designations may be contributed via Cheque. Please send cheques to the address below or call us on the phone number below to arrange for collection of cheques:

LBS Annual Giving/LBS Major Gift

Km 22, Lekki Epe Expressway
Ajah, Lagos
Tel: +234-(0)-8058097448, +234-(0)-8058048473 +234-(0)-8058058091, +234-(0)-8025014623

Cheques should be made out to: Lagos Business School for non-LAC gifts and to LBS Annual Giving for LAC gifts and/or pledge payments.

Gifts of Securities

If you would like to transfer securities, please contact the Advancement Officer in LBS Advancement Office at Lagos Business School
Tel: +234-8025014623, 08058097448 
email with the donor name, name of the stock, number of shares of stock, approximate naira value of the stock, and name of donor's brokerage firm. 

Also include the designation for your gift (i.e. LAC, named scholarship, major gift, etc).


Gifts via Wire Transfer

Please email us at when making a wire transfer so we can ensure your gift is properly allocated. Kindly provide the name and location of the sending bank, the amount of the transfer, and the name and class year of the donor. (Note: wire transfers from within and outside Nigeria may be subject to sending or receiving bank fees.) 

LBS bank information for wire transfers is below. Wire transfers may be used to contribute to any LBS designation. Please include the purpose of your gift when notifying us.

Bank Name: Standard Chartered Bank Nigeria Limited
Account Name: Lagos Business School
Beneficiary: Lagos Business School
Account Number: 0000000327
Bank Name: Zenith Bank Plc
Account Name: Lagos Business School
Beneficiary: Lagos Business School
Account Number: 1012855350

Attention for LAC Gifts: LBS Annual Giving/Your name
Attention for non-LAC Gifts: Lagos Business School/Your name

Past Donors

LBS benefits from the foresight and generosity of earlier donors. We acknowledge with gratitude the gifts of those whose vision has extended beyond their own time to support our students, faculty, programmes and facilities.

Many alumni and friends choose to support the School through planned gifts. These include:

·  Multi-year payments of cash gifts, securities or outright gifts of other assets such as real estate

·  Life income plans whereby the donor transfers an asset and retains (or provides for another person) 

an income for life

·  Charitable lead trusts that may permit people to save on income, gift and estate taxes

·  Bequests, the most popular and flexible method of charitable gift planning, helps you establish a gift through your estate plan.

LBS can help you determine the type of gift that best maximises your generosity in a way that is least burdensome or provides you some benefits.

LBS Hall Society

LBS recognises the men and women who make a promise to the future through their estates or other planned giving options. Those who have included LBS in planned giving arrangements are invited to join the LBS Hall Society. There is no minimum gift amount, and no distinction is made regarding the size or type of planned gift. A bequest is the most popular and flexible method of planned giving.

Your bequest, which comes directly to LBS upon your death, may be augmented or altered at any time as your circumstances change and may be set up to provide life income for someone you wish to support. While an unrestricted gift is the most common and useful bequest for LBS, we will gladly work with you to support a particular objective or programme