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Adetunji J. Adegbesan, BEng, MSc, Ph.D. has a first-class honours degree in Electronic Engineering from the University of Nigeria, Nsukka, and a Ph.D. in Strategic Management from IESE Business School. He is a member of the Strategy Group at LBS, where he leads sessions on competitive strategy and innovation in executive programmes as well as in the MBA, Executive MBA, and company-specific programmes. He is also a visiting scholar and associate researcher at the Anselmo Rubiralta Center for Globalisation and Strategy at IESE Business School.

Dr Adegbesan’s research explores how firms create competitive advantage through the acquisition, combination, and orchestration of strategic resources. He regularly presents his work at international academic conferences, and he has received recognition including the 2008 best divisional paper based on a recent dissertation, by the Academy of Management; and the 2007 African Scholar Award, by the Eastern Academy of Management-International. His published research has appeared in prestigious international journals such as the Academy of Management Review and the Strategic Management Journal.

Tunji is a member of the Executive Committee of the Strategy Division of the global Academy of Management, as well as a past Global Representative for Africa of the Division. He is also a Representative-at-Large for the Competitive Strategy Interest Group of the Strategic Management Society. He has participated in doctoral and junior faculty consortia, he has organised a workshop on Strategic Factor Markets, and he has been a regular reviewer, presenter, discussant, and chair for both the Strategy and the Technology & Innovation Management (TIM) divisions of the Academy. He is a past recipient of the TIM Best Reviewer award, as well as a peer reviewer for prestigious academic journals such as the Strategic Management Journal, Management Science, and Organisation Science. He is a member of the editorial board of Strategic Organisation.

Dr Adegbesan works closely with industry leaders in Nigeria and Europe in the area of Strategic Innovation, and his consulting experience spans the software, mobile communications, oil & gas, identity management, and electronic payments industries. His work experience spans food and beverages, software development, consulting, information systems management, and electrical engineering; and he is a member of the Research and Strategic Planning Committee of the Chartered Institute of Bankers of Nigeria. He is a co-founder of two successful technology start-ups, as well as a recognised expert on the Nigerian telecommunications industry.

An amateur historian, philosopher, and student of language, culture, and geopolitical affairs; Tunji is also a keen footballer, a strong swimmer, and an enthusiastic skier.


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  • Book

    Ricart, J.E., Agnese, P. Pisani, N. and Adegbesan, T. (2011). “Offshoring in the global economy. Management Practices and Welfare Implications”. Madrid: Fundacion BBVA.

  • Journal articles

    Adegbesan, J.A. 2009. “On the Origins of Competitive Advantage: Strategic Factor Markets and Heterogeneous Resource Complementarity”. Academy of Management Review, 34(3): 463-475.

    Adegbesan, J.A., & Higgins, M.J. 2010. “The Intra-Alliance Division of Value Created through Collaboration”. Strategic Management Journal, 31: forthcoming

  • Monographs

    “Poaching, Acquisition, or Internal Development: Which Approach Leads to Competitive Advantage?”,Footprints, LBS Alumni Magazine, April 2010

    “Africa: Governance, Development, and Budding VCPE Activity”, The Global Venture Capital and Private Equity Country Attractiveness Index: 2009/2010 Yearbook, International Centre for Financial Research, IESE Business School, December 2009

    “Second-Generation Offshoring and Nigerian Firms: Can We Get a Slice of the Pie?”, Footprints, LBS Alumni Magazine, October 2008

    “GSM: Can You See The Future?”, Telnet Advantage (Telecommunications Industry Newsletter), June 2001

  • Technical notes

    “The Offshoring of High-Value Services and the Globalisation of Capability Sourcing”, SMN-670-E, Center for Globalisation and Strategy, IESE Business School, June 2009

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