Sustainable Food Systems & Nutrition: Integrating nutrition-sensitive food systems into long-term policies, investments & programmes

  • 3:10 PM
  • Webinar

The COVID-19 pandemic presents unprecedented challenges to food systems and food security worldwide, particularly in African countries. The World Bank estimates that, on the heels of COVID-19, agricultural production on the continent would potentially contract between 2.6% in an optimistic scenario and up to 7% if there are trade blockages. Food imports would also decline substantially (as much as 25% or as little as 13%) because of a combination of higher transaction costs and reduced domestic demand. However, the crisis presents an opportunity to take a holistic approach to not only address food insecurity exacerbated by the pandemic but also to address the vulnerabilities of pre-existing unsustainable food systems.

The primary focus of this webinar is to:
● Examine the linkages, challenges, and opportunities between sustainability, agriculture, food systems and nutrition in the context of Africa and the COVID-19 pandemic.
● Explore the importance of sustainable and nutrition-sensitive food systems, integrating nutrition and environmental sustainability into innovative food system policies, investments and business models.
● Describe existing opportunities to strengthen the agricultural value chain and food enterprises
to enhance food security

Moderator: Dr Ijeoma Nwagwu, Faculty, Sustainability and Strategy, Lagos Business School

Prof Chris Ogbechie, Professor of Strategic Management, Lagos Business School
Ubong Inyang, Partnerships and Corporate Communications, Babban Gona
Victoria Uwadoka, Corporate Communications & Public Affairs Manager, Nestle Nigeria
Akinyinka Akintunde, Business Development Manager (BDM), AFEX Commodities
Exchange Limited

Time: 3:10pm – 4:30 pm (West Africa Time)

Registration Link: http://bit.ly/sustyFoodsystem


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