• October 26, 2019
  • Honeywell Auditorium, Lagos Business School

The Lagos Business School (LBS) proudly announces the 2019 LBS Mini-Keynote Competition, which will take place on October 26, 2019, at the Honeywell Auditorium in LBS. This programme is a public speaking event where Full-Time MBA students, Executive MBA participants, and Modular Executive professionals will compete for prestigious prizes. This year, MBA 17, EMBA 24, and MEMBA 7 students will participate in the maiden ceremony. The competition will be held annually.

The Process:

Nine shortlisted students from the listed MBA cohorts will be invited to prepare ten-minute talks. They will each choose a theme from the nine topics provided. They will present the 10-minute ‘keynotes’ of their ideas to an audience of approximately 250 people comprising their peers, faculty, staff and guests. The presentations will be in line with the LBS’ mission to impact society with thought leadership.

The LBS Beta Gamma Sigma Society has graciously offered to sponsor the event.

For the competition, all nine ‘keynotes’ will be professionally recorded. A panel of four judges will evaluate the presentations. The panel will choose the best keynote, and the winner will be granted an LBS award plaque and other prizes. The winning keynote will be promoted on the LBS social media channels, and it will also become a permanent fixture on the LBS YouTube channel. The second-prize and third-prize winners will also receive prizes.

Rationale for the LBS Mini-Keynote Competition:

One area of competitive advantage for LBS MBA students is excellent communication skills. Strong public speaking skills boost careers and generate business results.  

In fact, Warren Buffett, US business magnate, worth $82.5 billion, whom Forbes named the third richest person in the world in February 2019, has advocated for effective public speaking skills. He famously declared that public speaking would increase one’s value by 50%. 

The benefits of the 2019 LBS Mini-Keynote Competition are two-fold:

– LBS will be known as a leader in communication support programmes since no other business school in Africa has launched a similar initiative.  Specifically, LBS will be the only business school among its sister schools and its African competitors to launch this innovative programme. Notably, among the Financial Times-ranked top 10 MBA schools, only the Stanford’s Business School, with its LOWkeynote presentations, has an established public speaking programme that consolidates the communication support students enjoy during the year.

– Students will benefit not only from the scholarships and from prizes but will also become more knowledgeable about effective public speaking and will learn best practices for honing their skills.

Date: October 26, 2019.

Registration link: http://bit.ly/lbsregister


LBS Faculty