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Start your dream of doctoral studies at Lagos Business School
36 Months
Start Date
September 2021
Apply till
June 2021
Lagos Business School DBA

DBA at Lagos Business School.

The Doctorate of Business Administration programme is a doctoral-level, practice-focused research programme designed to help develop an evidence-based approach to management and practice. It suits experienced professionals with managerial capabilities and leadership values, looking for quality doctoral management education that combines flexibility with a strong academic rigour.

We understand that the need for senior practitioners to stand out as thought leaders in their organisations and wider occupations has become necessary in the evolving business complexities. Hence, we have designed our programme to enhance the capabilities of business leaders to solve the complex problems facing us.

We designed our programme to accommodate the busy schedule of a busy working senior executive. The DBA courses are delivered in a blended fashion that combines the power of face-to-face sessions with the flexibility of online content. The classroom sessions are scheduled on a modular basis in which students are in school for a period of one week every two months for lectures, seminar, and other classroom activities. The first year of the programme will be dedicated exclusively to course work. The second-year will be dedicated to course work and research while the third year will focus on research work.

Learning Objectives

Our programme will help our participants develop the capabilities to conduct management research that is relevant to national development. They will also be able to create and apply knowledge to solve relevant management challenges facing local and global companies and institutions.

Participants are expected to bring in real life challenges faced within their organisations for robust discussions in class, and at the end of every course submit action plans on strategies to adopt.

Learning Outcome
  • Have a big picture of the core functional areas of business

    Graduates will have a well-rounded knowledge of the main business disciplines, embodying an understanding of their theoretical foundations, as well as the ability to apply this knowledge to actual problems

  • Acquire organizational problem-solving capabilities based on concrete data

    Graduates should be able to demonstrate problem-solving capacity through lateral, critical, innovative and creative connections among diverse fields of study in analyzing problems.

  • Build decision making skills based on analytical competence

    Graduates should have developed the capacity to apply relevant tools of economic, financial and quantitative analysis in arriving at any decision.

  • Ethical standards

    Graduates should have internalized high standards of professional ethics. They should see the management profession as an opportunity of service to society and to the other members of the organisations in which they work.

Calendar & Structure
Year 1
1st Semester Sep, 2021 – Feb, 2022
2nd Semester March, 2022 – Aug, 2022


Year 2


1st Semester Sep, 2022 – Feb, 2023
2nd Semester March, 2023 – Aug, 2023


1st Semester Sep, 2023 – Feb, 2024
2nd Semester March, 2024 – Aug, 2024
Graduation December

Additional Information:

  • The programme is delivered in six 14-week semesters spread over two sessions for a period of 24 months.
  • A session begins in January and ends in December.
Detailed Programme Structure
  • Complete the application form online by clicking on our application portal. Kindly attach all supporting documents before submission

    Entry Requirements

    • A masters degree (MBA or MSc) with at least an average of ‘B’ grade i.e. 60%
    • A good pre-admission research proposal.
    • Satisfactory evaluation of the candidate’s intellectual capacity, professionalism, maturity, and
    • motivation for work through an interview.
    • Eight years of professional experience (six of which must be at managerial or supervisory role).

  • The following documents are to be attached to your online application

      • There references from three referees who know you in a professional capacity. The references may come from the same organization and may also be sent directly by the referees
      • Copies of Original O Level (if secondary education was in Nigeria) and University Degree Certificates (statement of result is acceptable)
      • Official transcripts are required before admission (these should be sent directly to us by your former school). The transcript request form on the download section on this page should be filled and sent to your university. (We will develop one)
      • Curriculum Vitae
      • Copy of the NYSC Certificate or Letter of Exemption (for Nigerians only)
      • A passport photograph of the candidate not later than 6 months old 


    • Evidence of the ability to pay (for self-sponsorship, kindly attach your 3 months bank statement or payslip).


    For Inquiry or clarifications, contact us at the DBA office via email. (email address to be provided)