Management Information System (MIS)
2019 is a Make or Break Year for Financial Inclusion in Nigeria
Professor Olayinka David-West
Nigeria is a large country and the high cost of running and expanding bank branches is unsustainable.

Financial Inclusion in Rural Nigeria: Challenges facing agent business viability
Professor Olayinka David-West
Agents are retail storefront operators representing financial services providers with the delivery of financial services.

Financial Inclusion Holds the Key to Transforming Poverty into Prosperity
Professor Olayinka David-West
Financial inclusion is an arduous task that cannot be achieved with one magic bullet.

Regulatory Models and the Growth of Mobile Money in Nigeria
Prof Olayinka David-West
Mobile money usually struggles in markets where mobile network operators are prohibited from participating.

Much Ado about Digital Payments; But is it Worth It?
Dr Yinka David-West
The trends and pace of technology today ensure that a cash-lite society is no longer wishful thinking but a vision that countries are inching towards every day.