Teaching Students to be Authentic Leaders in a Volatile World: A Case Study of Lagos Business School
Henry Onukwuba
In my ongoing research, I have learned that more than half of older managers do not understand what motivates the millennials who make up a growing part of their workforce.

Strategically Succeeding through Luck in Buying and Selling
Dr Uchenna Uzo
An essential and yet understudied reality is that the quest for luck is driving success among buyers and sellers in some industries in Nigeria. One good example is the Nigerian sports betting industry.

Offline Branding in the Digital Age
Dr Edwin Agwu
Savvy marketers are aware of the danger of relying on just one approach to achieve their marketing objectives.

The Nigerian archaic academic curriculum and the need for a review
Dr Edwin Agwu
Like many developing economies, Nigeria faces ominous educational challenges and there is no will within the political class to address them.