Business and economic outlook
Redefining Financial Inclusion
Dr Olayinka David-West and Ibukun Taiwo
We may be going about financial inclusion all wrong…

We Need to Talk About Financial Inclusion for Women
Dr Olayinka David-West and Ibukun Taiwo
Gender inequity and its impact on female financial inclusion is no joke.

The Bleak Reality of Mobile Money Adoption in Nigeria
Dr Olayinka David – West & Ibukun Taiwo
The numbers tell the story and it’s not pretty

Water Stewardship and Sustainability
Clean and safe water is crucial to the livelihood of all men. It has a direct effect on the economic, social and environmental welfare of all (WHO, 2011). 1 in 10 people do not have access to clean and safe water worldwide (, 2017). The irregular distribution of freshwater resources across the planet, and the […]