LBS Insight
Can Responsible Business Impact Africa?
LBS Sustainability Centre
Businesses exist to create, optimise, and maximise value, identify opportunities for growth and value creation while using their vantage positions as value creators to contribute to the quality of life of stakeholders…

Systems Approach as a forerunner of Knowledge Economy
Dr Edwin Agwu
Knowledge differs from goods, each piece of information is uniquely different from others.

Redefining Financial Inclusion
Dr Olayinka David-West and Ibukun Taiwo
We may be going about financial inclusion all wrong…

The Lean Enterprise: A business tool for Waste Elimination
Dr Marvel Ogah
A business culture that is hinged on a continuous improvement paradigm will be more responsive in delivering value to its customers either in the form of a service, product or a hybrid of both.

Leadership styles and relational energy in the workplace
Dr Okechukwu Amah
One of the drivers of organisational success is energy generated between employees in the workplace.