LBS Insight
Financial Inclusion Holds the Key to Transforming Poverty into Prosperity
Professor Olayinka David-West
Financial inclusion is an arduous task that cannot be achieved with one magic bullet.

Twenty-Four Attributes of Outstanding Salespeople (Part 1)
Dr Ogechi Adeola
Mediocre salespeople are on the defensive. They are cutting prices, engaging in giveaways, focusing on short term gains, and losing the trust of customers through unethical sales pitches and poor service.

The 3Ps of Financial Inclusion — People, Products and Partnerships
Prof Olayinka David-West
With more than 36 million Nigerian adults living without bank accounts, financial inclusion looks like an enormous task ahead of the industry.

Driving Quality Output and Cost Reduction in Business Organisations
Dr Marvel Ogah
A significant attribute of an organisation inheres in its capability to transform scarce inputs into valuable outputs. The transformational capability of any business organisation depends on its employees, processes, environmental constraints, and leadership architecture.

Ethics-adjusted Financial Decisions in the Public Sector
Kayode Osaretin Omoregie
Often, public officers are faced with the “dilemma” of acting as ethical fiduciaries by managing the public finances and resources in their care, in the interest of the nation.