LBS Insight
Rethinking the Licensing of New Banks
Dr Franklin Ngwu
With the current licensing of new banks by the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), Nigeria will have about 26 commercial banks when operations commence.

Why SMEs fail and its impact on national development
Dr Edwin Agwu
The role of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in creating and sustaining national development in relation to job creation has been considered a key tool in modern-day poverty alleviation.

Teaching Students to be Authentic Leaders in a Volatile World: A Case Study of Lagos Business School
Henry Onukwuba
In my ongoing research, I have learned that more than half of older managers do not understand what motivates the millennials who make up a growing part of their workforce.

Financial Inclusion Holds the Key to Transforming Poverty into Prosperity
Professor Olayinka David-West
Financial inclusion is an arduous task that cannot be achieved with one magic bullet.

Twenty-Four Attributes of Outstanding Salespeople (Part 1)
Dr Ogechi Adeola
Mediocre salespeople are on the defensive. They are cutting prices, engaging in giveaways, focusing on short term gains, and losing the trust of customers through unethical sales pitches and poor service.