LBS Insight
Crisis Communication (II): Truth Shall Set You Free
Dr Eugene Ohu
Public opinion will judge organisations according to how they treat the victims” (Filizzola & Lopez, 1995)  

Strategically Succeeding through Luck in Buying and Selling
Dr Uchenna Uzo
An essential and yet understudied reality is that the quest for luck is driving success among buyers and sellers in some industries in Nigeria. One good example is the Nigerian sports betting industry.

Regulatory Models and the Growth of Mobile Money in Nigeria
Dr Olayinka David-West
Mobile money usually struggles in markets where mobile network operators are prohibited from participating.

Offline Branding in the Digital Age
Dr Edwin Agwu
Savvy marketers are aware of the danger of relying on just one approach to achieve their marketing objectives.

Much Ado about Digital Payments; But is it Worth It?
Dr Yinka David-West
The trends and pace of technology today ensure that a cash-lite society is no longer wishful thinking but a vision that countries are inching towards every day.