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Working Papers

Ojadi , F. (2010) "Domestic Trade and Industrial Re-distribution in a growing Economy: getting it right in Nigeria". Working paper

Ojadi, F. (2005) "A Critical Analysis of the Logistics and Supply Chain Concepts". Working paper

Ojadi, F. (2004) "A Critical Analysis of the Role of Logistics in Economic Development of an Industrialising Country - Nigeria". Working paper

Journal Articles
Ojadi, F. (2003) "Review of the First Logistics Conference in Nigeria". LBS Management  Review Series. 

Ojadi, F. (2001) "Road Haulage Survey of the Nigerian Food, Beverage & Tobacco sub-sector. 2001 - LBS Management Review Series.

Supplier Qualification for High-value Goods and Services in Nigeria: A Comparison of Qualified and Non-qualified Suppliers. International Journal of Logistics: Research and Applications, 2016.

Critical Factors that Impact on the Efficiency of the Lagos Seaports (Co-author), Journal of Transport and Supply Chain Management, 2015.

Maritime Security in Nigeria – Book Chapter: Maritime Security: Framework and Policy Applications, 2013.

The Use of Improvement Tools - A Comparison Between Sectors and Industries-IEEM Conference, Thailand, 2013; International Journal of Production Research (Co-author), 2014).

A Case Study of Supplier Selection in Developing Economies: A perspective on Institutional Theory and Corporate Social Responsibility – Supply Chain Management: An International Journal, 2012.

Logistics Management Principles – LBS Management Review Series Jan - Jun 2002.

​​Review of the First Logistics Business Conference in Nigeria – LBS Management Review Series.​

Conference papers
​LBS course materials