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Senior Management Programme

Message form the Dean

​I would like to thank you for your interest in Lagos Business School and the Senior Management  Programme.

Consistently, participants attest to the high quality of the programme and the value they have derived from attendance.

To ensure effective delivery of the programme, the School relies on a highly qualified group of professionals and academic staff with a record of successful performance. Full-time faculty of the School are carefully selected and undergo continuous training to ensure they remain current in best practices in their respective fields. In addition, they bring to the classroom knowledge acquired through a combination of research and consulting in Nigerian as well as global companies.

The teaching method employed on the programme is based on learning methods that ensures that you are an active participant in the learning process. It facilitates intense interaction among participants on the programme enabling you benefit from the knowledge and experiences of other class members.

To ensure that you derive this benefit, great care is given to the admission of participants into the programme.  Our admission process aims to ensure that participants on the programme are of similar status professionally and are suitably experienced to be able to contribute to the learning process.

The School's predominant use of case studies in teaching ensures that participants derive useful and practical knowledge immediately applicable to the various decisions faced in their day-to-day professional work.  I believe that the same benefits will accrue to you on enrolling on the programme.

I encourage you to read the rest of the web pages for additional information about Lagos Business School and the Senior Management Programme.


The main aim of the SMP is to help build your personal skills in order to enable you achieve an immediate and measurable improvement in contributing to your organisation. Accordingly, you will receive good basic grounding in the main management disciplines and above all do a lot of work in building up your personal skills. As an executive, the SMP will increase and enhance your strategic thinking capabilities.

The case study method is a major learning tool used in the programme. Role-play and simulation games are adopted to help you revolutionise your thinking and position you strategically to make vital decisions that will enhance and quicken the growth of your organisation.

You will learn from our expert faculty, and will also gain valuable experience by working with colleagues on the challenges they face in their businesses. The programme is a fine blend of executives from various sectors of . This networking opportunity enriches the programme and greatly enhances learning and team spirit.

The SMP is an immersive, transformative six-week program, spread over 6 months, that guides senior leaders in honing their leadership and strategic capabilities. The result is an optimal learning environment, with a diverse participant cohort for better peer learning, and a global, lifelong network of trusted peers.



The SMP will equip participants to: 

• Achieve an integrated view of the organisation in line with the local

and the international market economy.

• Analyse economic risk.

• Confirm and broaden technical competence at managerial level.

• Develop ethical competence at work and home.

• Build interpersonal skills, hone emotional intelligence and increase teaming capabilities.

• Prepare for future top leadership roles in their organisations

• Through all these, enable the achievement of corporate (and personal) goals.


The SMP is for functional managers with seven or more years cognate experience, and managing a team such as:

• Functional Senior Managers

• Regional Managers

• Unit Heads

• Assistant General Managers



• Download application forms online from our website, or make a request to 

• Completed forms should be done electronically and sent alongside your company's organogram to the same email address. 

• Attach a detailed organisational chart. All applications undergo a thorough screening process prior to confirmation of admission.

• The Programme Manager will get in touch with you as soon as your application is received.

• Programme courses.



This programme is structured in a Modular format and is delivered within 6 months. One intensive week per month. The stipulated dates are as follows:

Programme SchedulePeriod
SMP 63(LAGOS)March 6 – August 12,2017
SMP 64(ABUJA)May 22 – October 20,2017
SMP 65(LAGOS)June 19 – November 24, 2017
SMP 66(LAGOS)September 26, 2017 – February, 2018


Participants will be required to visit a Nigerian company during one of the modules to get first-hand experience and best sustainability practices. This trip is a part of the sustainability course in conjunction with the First Bank Sustainability Centre.


Programme fee is N2, 375,000 (two million, three hundred and seventy five thousand naira). An initial deposit of 70% of programme fee is required to secure a place once admission is offered. The balance payment is made before the end of the month of the second module.


This is a day set aside for participants to show appreciation and love to family members. Participants are expected to come around with spouses and children and there will be family bonding activities along with a pre-recorded two-minute video from participants to loved ones.


  Though our approach to each need is different, our aim still remains the same: to transform minds, influence people and create leaders that transform organizations.

The SMP creates a unique environment that provides each participant with the individual insight, coaching, strategies and leadership skills needed to achieve better decisions and results for their company.

Please visit for more information or kindly send an email to or call Arinze Maduekwe on 07080070552 or Ben Eliezer on 08086726686 or Efosa Ajorgbor on 07019900758