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​Owner Managers Programme


The Owner Managers Programme (OMP) is designed for owners / managing directors of small and medium scale organisations. The OMP is designed to provide business owners with skills and capacity for development of long term strategic plans to transform their businesses and drive profitability.



The OMP will enable participants:

  • Acquire knowledge of steps required to build competitive and sustainable businesses.
  • Gain knowledge on the importance of entrepreneurial leadership to inspire creativity and build commitment at all levels in their organisation.
  • Understand how to innovate systematically in cost-effective ways that are relevant to the customer.
  • Develop critical skills required to continuously identify and assess new business opportunities.
  • Master the business dynamics and benefits of for-profit businesses with a social impact and its importance for business sustainability.
  • Discover how to build a culture of excellence for sustained competitive advantage.



  • Founders or business owners/co-owners of companies in existence for a minimum of 2years with at least N50m annual turnover. 
  • Partners in professional firms with at least five professionals.



  • Candidates can download application forms online at or make a request to 
  • Forms should be completed electronically and sent alongside the company's organogram and one year audited account of the applicant's company to the same email address.
  • All applications undergo a thorough screening process prior to confirmation of admission.
  • Applications will be screened by an admission committee, and, in some cases, the candidates will be required for a personal interview before admission is offered.
  • The Programme Manager will get in touch with you as soon as your application is received and admission is confirmed.



Learning Process

Varied combinations of learning activities are employed on the Programme. These are designed to stimulate learning in participants as well as investigate new approaches to management by providing new skills and a platform for practical application.

The main pedagogical tool used in the OMP is the case study method. Skills are built through targeted lectures, readings, presentations and case studies, discussed in study groups with the aim of introducing new ideas and theories that challenge participants' existing perspectives. This approach also permits participants to benefit from the latent knowledge of experienced faculty. Learning also includes business simulation games, business impact assessment, sharing of entrepreneurial journeys by participants and executive coaching sessions.



Delivery is over six months of six modules. Participants will be in class one week (Monday – Friday) every month.

2017 Programme dates


LocationProgramme SchedulePeriod
LagosOMP 24 April 3 – September 30, 2017
EnuguOMP 25

June 5 - November 24, 2017


LagosOMP 26

August 21, 2017 - January 26, 2018  


AbujaOMP 27October 16 - March 16, 2018       



Participants will have a joint module with the Owner Managers class of Strathmore Business School in Lagos, and another joint module at Strathmore Business School, Kenya. Payment for this international module is not included in the fees.



The participants will be required to visit a number of international companies during the international modules and the objective is to learn first-hand from CEOs. Relevant topics will be identified by the academic director and the participants are expected to identify and gain knowledgeable insights.



Programme fee is N2, 445,000(two million, four hundred and forty-five thousand Naira) plus $3,500 for the international Module. An initial deposit of 70% of programme fee is required to secure a place once admission is offered. The balance payment is made before the end of the month of the second module.



This is a day set aside for participants to show appreciation and love to family members. Participants are expected to come around with spouses and children and there will be family bonding activities along with a pre-recorded two-minute video from participants to loved ones.



Though our approach to each need is different, our aim still remains the same: to transform minds, influence people and create leaders that transform organizations.

The OMP creates a unique environment that provides each participant with the individual insight, coaching, strategies and leadership skills needed to achieve better decisions and results for their company.

Please visit for more information or kindly send an email to or call Arinze Maduekwe on 07080070552 or Efosa Ajorgbor on 07019900758 or Ben Eliezer on 08086726686.



  • The teaching and applications are very practical and interactive. The sessions were great.

 Tosin Oyajowo (Executive Director, Connect Marketing Services Ltd)


  • The OMP class has been very impactful, very demanding, and has added tremendous value to me. I strongly recommend it to all my friends in the industry.