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​Programme Overview
To gain a competitive advantage in today’s talent-driven economy, organisations must build sustainable talent pipelines. They need to invest as much effort and resources in developing their early-career high-potential talent, as they do for managerial and executive talent. This is critical, as the future success of the 21st century organisation depends on its ability to develop these promising professionals to handle the various challenges associated with navigating the increasingly complex organisational and market terrain.


Programme Objectives

The MAP equips emerging leaders for their leadership journey, providing actionable knowledge and tools that empower them to meet the heavy demands and high expectations of their organisations. The programme design draws from LBS’ experience in creating transformational educational experiences for high-potential managers over the last two decades, as well as practical insights from skilled talent managers. It is designed to enhance emerging leaders’ performance-readiness, fast-track their careers and accelerate their impact on their organisations.

Key Learning Outcomes

Ø  The participant will become a competent and confident manager. Using research insights provided by a world class faculty, the participant would be enabled to address real challenges their organizations face in a volatile and uncertain environment thereby building resilience to sustain a stable future.

Ø   The participant would have developed clear aims and plans for ongoing personal & professional development using monitoring tools provided to support continuous development.

Ø  Participants will have the unique benefit of gaining useful business perspectives through a one-on-one interactions with a multidisciplinary team of faculty that have had real life experience at senior levels in global multinationals.

Ø  The participants have the unique opportunity of developing and presenting a cap-stone project before a panel of industry experts. ​