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​IMP​ Structure and Calendar

Modules and Dates

The Programme has four modules of a total of twenty days.  Each module runs for five days in different locations each month: 

Module 1, September 19 – 23, Lagos Business School, Lagos

Module 2, October 17 – 21, Nanyang Business School, Singapore

Module 3, November 14 – 18, University of Stellenbosch Business School, South Africa

Module 4, December 5 – 9, Lagos Business School



The curriculum is designed to cater to the needs of top-level management personnel who are in leadership roles or being groomed for such leadership roles in their organisations.

Participants on the IMP for African Leaders will:


·         Gain a holistic view of their organisations beyond their own role

·         Be equipped to lead people and build high performance teams in the African business environment

·         Learn to operate in various international markets

·         Develop winning strategies for Internationalisation


Programme Details

The following courses and more will be taught during the four modules of the Programme:


·         The Quest for Internationalisation: Drivers, Considerations and Approaches

·         Aligning Brand Leadership with Market Leadership

·         Assessing Working Capital Needs

·         Choosing and Designing International Strategies

·         Company Valuation

·         Doing Business in South Africa: Managing Cultural Differences

·         Regulatory Environment of Business in South Africa

·         Ethical Considerations in International Expansion

·         Corporate Governance and Building an Ethical Culture

·         External Organisational Alignment

·         Financial and Operational Issues in Internationalisation

·         Internal Organisational Alignment

·         Framework for Analysing National Economies

·         Key Consideration in International Finance

·         Change and Transformational Leadership

·         Legal and Regulatory Considerations in Internationalisation

·         Identifying and Managing Risks in Multinational Operations

·         International Investment: Decision Under Uncertainty

·         From National to International: Transformational Issues and Challenges

·         From Third World to First World: Lessons from the Singaporean and Asian Economies

·         Strategic Marketing in an International Context

·         Systems Thinking

·         Risk Management and Compliance

·         Tangible and Intangible Value Proposition

·         Value-based Strategies for Growth

·         Managing Performance in a Multicultural Environment

·         International and Intergovernmental Relationship: The MNC Dilemma

·         Negotiation in National and International Business Environments

·         People Management and Managing Across Culture



Teaching on this programme, will be renowned faculty members from:


• Lagos Business School (Lagos, Nigeria)

• Nanyang Business School (Singapore) 

• University of Stellenbosch (Cape Town, South Africa) 

• Distinguished Guest Speakers – Industry Experts

• Visiting Faculty from Leading Global Institutions ​​