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AMP Programme Overview and Dates

The AMP is for executive directors and members of executive management teams of 

large organisations. Participants in the AMP typically are in positions in which it no 

longer suffices to be highly performing specialists; they now have to take responsibility

for integrating the work of their departments with that of other departments. 

The case study method is a major learning tool used in the programme. Role-play

and simulation games are used to help the participants revolutionise their thinking and

position them strategically to make vital decisions that will enhance the growth of their 


Participants will learn from our expert faculty, and will also gain valuable experience by

working with colleagues on the challenges they face in their businesses. The programme

is a fine blend of executives from various sectors of industry. This networking opportunity

 enriches the programme and greatly enhances learning and team spirit.

The AMP which has been run 27 times so far is constantly refined to incorporate new

knowledge to help executives take a holistic and integrated view of business. This 

year's programme will run over five modules of one week (Monday to Friday) each.

Date: March 14 to July 15, 2016 (AMP 28)

Module 1March 14 - 18
Module 2April 11 - 15
Module 3May 16 - 20
Module 4 (Joint Session with SBS at LBS)June 13 - 17
Module 5July 11 - 15​​

Date: October 17, 2016 to February 24, 2017 (AMP 29)

Module 1October 17 - 21
Module 2November 14 - 18
Module 3December 5 - 9
Module 4January 23 - 27
Module 5February 20 - 24