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Port Performance and Benchmarking

Programme Overview

With growing constraints on port capacity, operational efficiency, rising customer requirements, and changing regulatory and institutional frameworks, the pressure is greater than ever on ports to improve productive efficiency and adapt their planning, operational, management and strategic processes to effectively respond to market changes. In this context, port management is experiencing change along four major dimensions: port planning and operations, port costing and financing, port pricing and strategy, and port performance and benchmarking.​

  • Introduction to performance and benchmarking
  • Introduction to port performance
  • ​Performance methods 
  • Performance measurement in ports                      
  • Performance Benchmarking in ports
  • Process modelling in ports
  • Terminal Optimisation
  • Port and logistics costs​
Programme Outcomes

This 2-day intensive course provides the participants with a comprehensive and expert level knowledge on port performance and benchmarking concepts, tools and practices.

Target Audience

The course is aimed at a wider audience of port stakeholders

2 Days


N170, 000

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