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Driving Strategic Innovation and Business Development

Programme Overview

In a highly competitive market environment, businesses need to build on existing revenue streams and at the same time find new ones. The strategic innovation and business development programme offers participants insights on identifying and implementing innovative ideas, as well as closing new and existing business relationships.​


Strategy Development

  • Developing innovation and growth strategies
  • Competitive and market analysis
  • Understanding market trends and need for innovation
  • Setting targets: economic and social targets

    Recognising and Identifying Opportunities
  • Environmental scanning
  • Creativity and prospecting for new businesses
  • Capturing the voice of the customer

    Resource and Capability Development
  • Managing innovation in products, services and processes
  • Managing the innovation process
  • Project and time management
  • Performance measurement

    Marketing Strategies
  • Market research
  • Effective marketing, advertising and promotional planning including identifying opportunities for campaigns, products and effective distribution channels
  • Market penetration and development

     Business Development: Managing Stakeholders
  • Managing internal stakeholders
  • Management of the business development function – internal stakeholders
  • Building and leading an effective and cohesive management team
  • Managing change for innovation

    Key Account Management – External Stakeholders
  • Building relationships with new clients
  • Contracting, negotiating and closing deals
  • Market retention and enhancing existing relationships

Programme Outcome

By the end of the programme, participants will:

  • Understand how to build innovation and growth strategies based on an understanding of the market drivers and analysis
  • Understand the rudiments of innovation in products, services and processes for new and existing markets
  • Understand how to retain existing businesses and clients, and prospect for new businesses, clients and markets
  • ​Understand how to lead internal teams and manage relationships across organisational boundaries to support business development goals and corporate strategy.​
Target Audience
  • Directors of business development
  • Business development managers,
  • Sales directors
  • Marketing directors
  • Key account direct.
  • Medium and small -scale business owners looking to expand their businesses


N255, 000

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