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Leading a Sustainable Business

​Programme Overview

The private sector is ​central to the Nigerian economy and present both strategic risks and opportunities, despite the complex business environment.The threats of globalisation, energy security, energy poverty, shale gas, and g​​lobal warming, together with the opportunities in renewable and alternative energy sources, for example, are currently shaping the global energy and extractive industries. As such, the global market is shifting and business models are adjusting to new frontiers of opportunities. 

​This programme will enable firms to competitively meet new demands through embedding sustainability thinking and paradigm in their strategies, as they navigate  the local and global business terrains. Research and experience have shown that well-articulated and engrained sustainability strategies enhance organisational adaptability and survival in complex environments.


  • Global sustainability strategy trends in business
  • Stakeholder engagement in volatile environments
  • External stakeholder relations (e.g. Community, Government, Consumers, Investors, Unions, Media, NGOs, et cetera)
  • Cross-sector collaborations and partnerships
  • Sustainable finance
  • Alternative energy sources
  • Sustainability issues in vendor and supply chains

Programme Outcomes

Participants will learn how to:

  • Understand global trends and good practices in sustainability strategy for business
  • Design and develop effective communication strategies for specific stakeholder groups
  • Build competitive strategies for minimising negative impacts and maximising positive impacts on society, the environment and economy
  • Build trust across different stakeholder groups and enhance corporate reputation and brand
  • Explore and deploy internal and external partnership strategies for competitive advantage

Target Audience

CSR, Sustainability, Project Finance/Management, Investor Relations, Corporate Affairs, Human Resources, Government Relations and Community Relations or related functions/responsibilities professionals, as well as members of the Civil Society Community (NGOs).



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